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Contact Lenses

Thanks to advances in technology, contact lense perform better than ever before, and there is a huge range of options for those considering contacts, either as well as or as an alternative to prescription glasses.

Contacts can allow more freedom than prescription glasses for work and many leisure activities including sports. Contact your local Visique optometrist and we will help you determine the benefits and options available for you and show you how to use them. Let our expert staff help you with good advice on your contact lens decision.

A wide range of contacts are available, from daily disposable contacts to specialty lenses for those with astigmatism. The major types of contact lenses available are:

  • Daily contact lenses
  • Two-weekly contact lenses
  • Monthly contact lenses
  • Custom-made soft contact lenses
  • Custom-made rigid contact lenses
  • Custom-made Orthokeratology contact lenses


If you already have a prescription for contact lenses with Visique then you can order your next box online.

Contact Lenses & Daily's | Visique Whakatane, Tepuke, Kawerau & Opotiki

How to start

Firstly to become a successful contact lens wearer you will need to have an eye test. Your eyes and vision will be assessed and the most suitable type of lens design will be determined. We will tell you what you can expect from your contacts and outline all the costs.

Ease of use

Depending on your eye sensitivity your eyes could adjust to wearing contacts within somewhere between a day to two weeks. It is very important to keep to the routine outlined by your Visique optometrist and contact them if you have any concerns.


At your Visique contact lens eye test you will be shown how to insert your contacts. They should not be uncomfortable to wear. If you are an existing user and experiencing any discomfort you must seek immediate advice from your optometrist. Putting a contact lens in your eyes incorrectly is unlikely to harm your eyes however you may feel a little discomfort.

Visique practices offer a range of contact lens brands at prices to accommodate all budgets.

Contact Lens Options

Daily Lenses

Daily contacts are worn for one day and then thrown away. Some people find this the ideal ‘little fuss’ solution to wearing and caring for lenses or, for occasional wear, sports, or when on holiday

Two-Weekly Contacts

Two-weekly contacts are worn and cleaned daily and replaced with new lenses once every two weeks.

Monthly Contacts

Monthly contacts are worn and cleaned daily and replaced with new lenses once a month.

Custom-Made Soft Contact Lenses

Custom-made soft contacts are worn and cleaned daily, but may be worn until they need to be replaced. Their care requires extensive cleaning and sterilizing routines and most authorities consider that they need to be replaced once a year.

Custom-Made Rigid Contact Lenses

Custom-made rigid contacts are worn and cleaned daily, but may be worn until they need to be replaced. They too need extensive cleaning and sterilizing routines

Custom-Made Orthokeratology Lenses

Rigid, custom-made Orthokeratology contacts lenses are worn while you sleep at night to correct your vision eliminating the need to wear glasses or daytime contacts the following day. Research supports the restriction of the development of short-sightedness with this treatment method. Due to their specialised nature these custom lenses require cleaning and sterilizing, are replaced annually and are reviewed every six months.

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